Too Much Humidity? Too Little?

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How do you know when you have too much or too little humidity in your home?  Below are a list of signs to help you guage whether or not you have a problem. Signs of Too Much Humidity -          Condensation on windows -          Water stains/moisture on walls, ceilings and baseboards -          Moldy bathroom -          Musty

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Suspect Mold?

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Where to Look for Mold Oh where, oh where could that mold be?  Mold will grow on any organic materials such as paper, dirt, wood or soap scum, and requires moisture in order to grow.  Mold can grow anywhere, such as in walls (drywall), carpet under padding, in closets, behind furniture etc…  As long as

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Humidity Levels

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What should my humidity level be and how do I know what it is? The rule of thumb is to maintain your humidity levels between 30-50 %, depending on the temperature outside.  Humidity levels indoors are typically lower in the winter months and higher in the summer months. Buy a Hygrometer!  A Hygrometer measures the

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Home Maintenance 101

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All home owners have a little DIY in them and by following a few simple steps you can identify and prevent problems before they happen. 1)      When spills happen indoors, act quickly! Given the chance, wet carpets, floors, walls and other household areas can begin to grow mold within 48 hours so clean up spills

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Control the Moisture, Control the Mold

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Controlling the humidity levels in your home can be time consuming and costly. Here’s a few easy, low cost and even better -  NO COST steps you can take to moderate the moisture levels in your home. Ventilation is the key! On nice days, open a few windows in your home and let some fresh

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Thermal Imaging and New Home Buyers

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Thermal imaging can identify water ingressions (water damage) inside the walls of a residential or commercial property.  Elevated moisture levels is one of the key ingredients which promote mold growth. This technology is commonly adopted to identify the presence of moisture and water ingressions in various parts of a building. Our thermal imaging cameras measure

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