Attic Mold?

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Most people rarely look in their attic and are usually alerted to a mold problem when either buying or selling their home.   When faced with a mold problem in the attic the general reaction is panic.  However, we don’t live in our attic, so often times there are many options on how and when you need to address this issue.  When it comes to mold in the attic there are a few things that should be considered.

1)     Determining the root cause issue for mold growth in the attic is one of the most important steps to take and fixing the root cause issue is a key component when dealing with attic mold.

2)     The primary reason for mold growth in the attic is ; roof leak/damaged roof, poor ventilation (either through limited/blocked soffits or improper termination of vent stacks in the attic)  or limited insulation, causing excess condensation in the attic space.

3)     The extent of the mold growth will dictate the options available to you for mold remediation and the timing of the mold remediation.

4)     If the extent of the damage is relatively small, it may be possible to defer mold remediation activities until such time as your roof requires replacement, providing the root cause issue is resolved.  If the damage is significant, then you may need to deal with the problem right away to ensure the mold growth does not extend into the living space of your home. In either situation, you have options which can greatly reduce the expense of mold remediation.

5)     There are only 3 reliable methods for mold remediation in the attic;

  1. Dry ice blasting
  2. Soda blasting
  3. Hand sanding/shaving of mold contaminated materials
  4. In addition to the 3 options above, all the insulation in the attic will also be contaminated and must be removed and replaced with new insulation after mold remediation is complete.

6)     There are companies that offer a “mold treatment” but this is not mold remediation.  Most of these solutions are essentially “stain removers” and do not actually remove the mold but either change the colour or encapsulate the mold, in other words, cover it up.  These types of solutions are temporary and if the root cause issue is not resolved will fail even faster.

7)     Mold remediation can become very expensive in an attic so timing is everything.  Assessing your attic space at least once if not twice a year and staying on top of issues before they become a problem can save a significant amount of money and grief.

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring you are not surprised with unexpected expenses.  If you suspect you have mold in your attic it is best to hire a professional mold remediation company to help you determine the options you have to deal with the mold issue in the most cost effective manner.

When in doubt, call to help you make an informed decision.











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