Do you have enough insulation in your home?

January 9, 2014 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

It’s cold outside and temperatures are reaching record lows.  Are you finding that your home is losing heat faster than your furnace is generating heat?  Is your furnace working really hard to keep the temperature in your home at the thermostat setting?  Are you noticing that the ice and snow is melting in specific areas of your roof?  These are all possible signs of having too little insulation and too much heat loss in your home.

While it is true that in extreme weather conditions, even in the most efficient homes may have trouble maintaining their temperature, you should however consider whether or not you have enough insulation in your home and if your home is operating at efficiently as it can.

I suppose you’re wondering why a mold company would want to write about insulation.   The reality is that for surfaces in your home where hot meets cold (ie. your attic or around windows) condensation can occur.  Once the condensation forms, mold will begin to grow in your home.  Unfortunately, if you are lacking the appropriate amount of insulation, this can be an issue in any extreme weather situation – hot or cold.  It’s just easier to notice that you have an issue in the winter time.

Considering your personal comfort and hydro bill, take the time out and look for the signs to help you right size your insulation requirements for your home.

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