Does Bleach Kill Mold?

February 10, 2014 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

The simple answer, no.

There are many “opinions” on whether or not bleach kills mold but the truth is, if you have a significant mold problem bleach is not the answer.

In some cases, where there is a small amount of surface mold due to high levels of humidity or condensation,  there are many products that can be used to clean the moldy area, bleach included.  But in cases where there is just a small amount of surface mold, which is likely growing on the dust covering the area, you haven’t killed the mold, you’ve just removed it and thrown it in the trash.

Once the mold spores have burrowed their way into wood or walls, applying bleach will affect the colour of the area and may temporarily mask the smell of the mold, but the mold spores are still there and they are not dead.  Mold needs water/moisture to grow and bleach is mostly water. So, for a while the area will look cleaner, or more accurately “bleached” – you will notice the discolouration and funny smell will come back.  Worse yet, you just added more water to the problem.

The only real solution to a significant mold problem is …

-          Controlled removal, under containment,  of  mold contaminated material – performed by a professional remediation company

-          Identification and resolution of the root cause problem which caused the mold  growth in the first place

If you have a surface mold problem, bleach may be the answer but if you suspect you have a mold problem your best option is to contact a professional.

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