How much does mold removal cost?

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As with any product or service one of the first questions is, how much does it cost?  When it comes to mold removal, it’s the worst answer you want to hear, “it depends”.  Unfortunately, there are unique factors for each mold removal project which can cause the price to vary from person to person and from company to company.  In an effort to help you make the most informed decisions, has outlined the major considerations when trying to understand the cost of mold removal.

-          How much mold contamination is there? The larger the area is, the potential for a higher cost.

-          Is the area easy to work in? For instance, are there any physical or other restrictions that may cause significant obstacles or delays in getting the work done in an efficient timeframe (ie. tiny attic space, condominium complex with restrictions on when work can be performed, office space restricting activities to evenings and weekends)

-          Is the scope of work documented and can you understand it?

-          What tools/mechanisms are being used to determine a) if you have mold, b) the size of the mold contaminated area?

-          What is the process/standards that the mold company will be using to remove/remediate the mold contaminated area and is it documented for you in a written contract?

-          Is the mold contaminated material being removed or treated?

-          Does the remediation work include waste removal?

-          Will a containment unit be set up?

-          Will negative air machines, air scrubbers or any other equipment be used during the mold removal process to ensure no cross contamination within your home?

-          Is there an assessment performed to determine root cause and has the mold company provided you with consultation and/or documented recommendations on how to fix the root cause?

-          At the end of the project, how does the mold company confirm that you are now mold free?

-          Is air quality testing performed and are you provided with the written results at the end of the project?

-          Does the mold company carry an active liability insurance policy?

The answers to the questions above have a significant impact on the cost of any mold removal project.  For each project the answers will be different, which is why the cost can vary from person to person. And in some cases, the quotations can vary from one company to the next – which is usually because the answer is “no” to one or more of the questions above.   If the answer is no to one of the questions above, you should determine what the impact is to you and your mold remediation project.

In the end, the company you choose is your decision so it really is important to understand what it is you are paying for.  In the mold business, cheaper, is not always better.

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