How well do you know your home?

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While the weather remains pleasant, it’s an ideal time to “get to know your home”.  Many homeowners take great care in making sure the interior of their home is well maintained but it is easy to forget to maintain those areas that are not regularly seen.  Unfortunately, these items are some of the major culprits to home owners having significant water damage and a resulting mold problem.

With a little bit of extra effort you can save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

Below is a list of areas that all home owners should get familiar with.

-          Do you know where the main water shut off valve is for your home as well as specific valves for things such as outside hoses and major appliances? Unexpected leaks, or frozen lines can create major problems for home owners. Knowing where and how to shut off water lines is extremely important if and when an emergency strikes.

-          Check all major appliances and make sure all connections are securely fastened and all hoses run free and clear with no signs of cracks, tears or blistering.  When water issues occur as a result of a major appliance breakdown, the impact and costs can be significant.

-          Have you walked the perimeter of your house lately and checked for signs of wear and tear in the foundation or exterior walls of your home?  It’s important to check that the condition of the brick around your home is in good shape –no signs of crumbling concrete or visible spaces between the bricks.  Gaps and cracks provide an opportunity for water to penetrate through the brick and into your home.

-          Take a few steps back and look at the condition of your roof and eaves troughs? Are they intact, do you see any signs of wear and tear? Address any issues before the weather turns or you may find yourself in a difficult situation if an issue occurs during the winter season.

Staying on top of and ahead of water issues in a home are the key to maintaining a healthy and safe home.

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