Is White Mold Dangerous?

February 17, 2014 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

Mold comes in a variety of colours and in the case of mold …  colour doesn’t matter.  What you should be most concerned with is …

-          Do I have mold?

-          Why do I have mold?

-          How much mold do I have?

Interestingly, many people see a white substance on their walls (many times in the basement on stone, brick or through the concrete blocks) and assume that it is mold however, many times it is not mold at all but efflorescence.  When water evaporates from these porous substances and salt crystals are brought to the surface which can leave a white fluffy substance that many people mistake for mold growth.  There are other reasons why efflorescence may occur but the point being, it is not mold.

While it is likely that a white fluffy substance on concrete or brick is efflorescence, it is also possible if you see white growth in other areas of your home it may in fact be mold.  Whether or not it is dangerous is really a function of how much mold exists.  Large quantities of mold can be harmful to your health and your home.   If you are not sure, the best thing you can do is book a mold inspection to determine whether or not you have mold and what your options are to resolve the problem.

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