Mold Prevention

August 30, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

Ben Franklin said it best, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  The best thing anyone can do is be diligent in maintaining your home before mold becomes a problem.

This has been a very wet summer and our team of certified inspectors have been seeing a lot of issues lately with homes that have crumbling or deteriorating mortar joints on their exterior brick walls.  The truth is, how many of us spend time looking at the exterior walls of our home?  If you haven’t looked lately, maybe you should take a walk around your property and look at the condition of the bricks.

Even the smallest cracks or deterioration can allow water to come into your home.  With heavy rains it is not surprising for eaves troughs to become overwhelmed with water allowing the rain water to spill over the eaves and down the brick walls.  It is inevitable that the water will come into your home and over time (surprisingly in a very short period of time) mold will begin to grow within the walls of your home.  If left unchecked, not only with the exterior of your home deteriorate but the interior will become contaminated with mold.  You may even find yourself with an occasional rain shower inside your home!

If you think you need tuck-pointing, call a professional mason to fix these problems before they get out hand.

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