Mold Removal Toronto

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How do you know if you need professional mold removal?

The simplest answer is … “the amount of mold contaminated material will determine whether or not you need professional mold removal”.

The million dollar question is, how do you make that determination?  The best way to do this is to hire a reputable and professional mold inspector to help you answer the following questions.

a)      Do you have mold?

b)      Why do you have mold?

c)       How much mold do you have?

A professional mold inspector can determine whether or not you have mold.  And a thorough inspector should be able to work with you to determine why you have the mold in the first place.  And most importantly, tell you how much mold you have and why.

Be concerned if you hire an inspector that comes to your home and just uses a flashlight and a clipboard to make these determinations.  There are more sophisticated tools in the market that can be used to determine if you have a mold problem and the extent of the mold problem.  The inspector should be able to explain things to you in a manner that makes sense to you.  Ask lots of questions.

Be thorough.  Make sure the inspector is using at least the following equipment;

1)      Thermal Imaging Technology

2)      Moisture Meter

3)      Hygrometer

If they are not using these pieces of equipment, you are at a disadvantage.  Your inspection is flawed from the start and the inspector cannot be thorough with their assessment.  Remember, you are hiring a professional because you want a comprehensive mold inspection of your home.

But equipment isn’t everything.  Is the inspector knowledgeable? Make sure they can answer all of your questions and that the answers make sense to you.  There are many mold companies in Toronto who purport themselves to be knowledgeable, and there is a lot of information on the internet that would lead you to believe this.  But you need to be more critical in making this determination.  When it comes to mold, remember this;

If you have water damage and you do not address it, you will have mold.

A knowledgeable professional will have the right equipment to identify all impacted area’s and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your home.

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