Mold Removal Toronto

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If you’re looking for a mold removal company in Toronto, it doesn’t take long to figure out you have a lot of choices.  The problem is, how do you know who’s reputable and who isn’t? The choices appear to be endless and most people just pick the first company that catches their eye. If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve found our website, but I encourage you to consider the following when deciding which mold company to call.

1)      Make sure the company you deal with has certified mold remediation inspectors & remediation contractors.

2)      ASK QUESTIONS!  Lots of them before you invite them to inspect your home.

3)      If they can’t answer your questions or if the answers don’t make sense to you, trust your gut and find a company who will answer your questions in a way that you can understand them.

4)      Low price does not always mean best value or quality, BE CRITICAL.

5)      FREE INSPECTIONS: make sure you understand what you’re getting for “free”.  If the inspector intends to come in with a flashlight and a clipboard to tell you have mold – think again – you are getting exactly what you’re paying for.

6)      Cost estimates: if a company can give you a quote over the phone without ever seeing/inspecting your home, BE CONCERNED.

7)      Cutting corners: to make quotes more appealing some companies will cut corners and only quote on a portion of the work, and neglect other wet (mold contaminated) materials.  While on the surface “the price is right”, if the quote doesn’t cover the removal of all wet/moist materials, recommendations for root cause solutions/fixes, set up of a containment unit/negative air machines/hepa scrubbing/clearance testing – BE CONCERNED. You’ll find that your mold problem will come back – and that company you called, won’t be so quick to help you or stand by their work.

8)      Fear Tactics: if you feel that you are being “scared” into doing business with a company, my suggestion … find another company.  You should never feel pressured, especially through fear to deal with a mold problem.

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