Mould in the attic?

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It is not uncommon for new home buyers to encounter a situation where the home inspector says, “there is mold in the attic it must be removed before you buy the home”.  While this may be true, new home buyers should understand that just getting a mold remediation company in is not the only factor and may in fact be more costly and even worse, can turn out to be a temporary solution if not addressed correctly.

New home buyers and people selling their home need to be careful and invest in solving the problem wisely.  Understanding and addressing the root cause problem is the most important factor and in most cases will lower the cost of remediation and in some cases eliminate the need for mold remediation – YES, eliminate the need for mold remediation.

The approach to the solving the problem solely depends on the nature of the root cause problem and the duration of the problem.

The most common reasons for mold to be in an attic are;

-          Leak or compromise in the roof

-          Inadequate ventilation due to improper venting (ie. Venting  into the attic) and/or obstruction of the venting system (ie. Covered soffits)

-          Incorrect installation of pot lights (producing excess heat/area’s for condensation)

-          Insufficient insulation in the attic

When one or more of these conditions exist, it doesn’t take long for mold to start to grow.  Attic’s are typically the hottest place in a home and if working correctly will have adequate ventilation, appropriate insulation, and work effectively to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If this delicate balance is disturbed for an extended period of time, then the mold growth can be quite significant and will require professional remediation.  However, if you approach the problem by solving the root cause issue, it is highly likely that you will be able to combine the efforts resulting in a lower cost solution and ensuring the mold problem does not come back as long as you maintain the environment.  Better yet, checking your attic annually is the best thing you could do to prevent problems before they happen.

Everyone’s situation is different but it is important to understand how the attic works, why the mold is there in the first place and the options you have to deal with the problem.   The best way to do this is to call in the right professionals to help you in your decision making process.

The professionals you need to help you make the most sound decisions are;

-          A qualified mold inspector from a quality company

-          A reputable roofing/insulation company

High quality service providers can provide you with the education you need to make the most cost effective decisions when it comes to attics and mold.

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