New Home Buyers and Attic Mold

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Buying a home is an exciting time and people sometimes forget – with home ownership comes ongoing maintenance.  It is not uncommon that home inspectors identify potential mold in homes, specifically attics.  When considering what to do when you suspect there is mold in the attic, there are few questions that you should ask …

1)      Why is there mold in the attic?

2)      How much mold is in the attic?

3)      What is the condition of the roof?

A common misconception is that all homes have mold in the attic. This is actually not true.  The only way to have mold in the attic is by having a water or ventilation issue.  The most common reasons for mold in the attic are;

-          Improper ventilation (ie. poor air flow or an exhaust vent improperly terminated in the attic)

-          Too little insulation (causing temperature variations and condensation in the attic)

-          Leaking roof

When considering what the cost will be to fix the problem you should factor in …

-          Cost to fix the root cause problem, this is the most important item

-          Depending on how much mold is in the attic, evaluate if there is an opportunity to stagger your  investment and possibly coordinate mold removal with the regular maintenance  of  the attic/roof (for instance, it may be cost effective to deal with the mold problem at the same time the roof needs to be redone)

Mold removal in the attic can become very costly.  While there are “cheap” solutions out there it is important to note that many cheap solutions are not solutions at all and are actually band-aid solutions which ultimately cost you more money in the end. The best way to help you determine your options is to contact a certified mold inspection and remediation company to provide you with practical recommendations on how to solve your problem when it makes the most sense for your budget and your home.

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