Our Services

mold.ca has experience inspecting & removing mold from residential, commercial, industrial and marine sites. We service the GTA and surrounding areas. Our services include Mold Inspections, Air Quality TestingAsbestos Testing and Mold Removal.

We return mold impacted environments to normal (Condition 1) by diagnosing and removing mold impacted source materials, but we don’t stop with just removing mold. We identify the source cause of the mold and provide recommendations to repair it so the mold does not return. If the mold is removed without addressing the source problem, the mold will return. This approach distinguishes mold.ca from other mold abatement firms and general contractors.

mold.ca follows strict inspection and testing protocols ensuring that your indoor environment is diligently inspected and not unnecessarily disrupted. We are proud to have CMIs (Certified Mold Inspectors) on staff, trained in the proper procedures for mold inspection and testing.