Mold Inspection & Testing in Toronto & GTA

Suspect Mold? The first step is to book an appointment to have a professional and comprehensive mold inspection. Contact us! Phone 416 504 0333  email:

Step 1 – Conversation with a certified mold inspector

We often begin the process with a conversation with you to determine the nature and extent of the potential problem. Our inspectors are trained to ask the right questions to determine if there is a need to have an expert perform a mold inspection based on what you, the customer is experiencing. Typical areas of focus are;

  • visual signs of mold
  • olfactory indications of mold (smell)
  • water intrusion
  • elevated moisture and humidity levels
  • health concerns and/or symptoms related to elevated levels of mold in a dwelling
  • other events/environmental factors which increase the likelihood of mold (grow-ops, fire,flood)

This initial conversation is an important step in the process to determine if a specialist is even required, many times you may be able to deal with the problem on your own. Our certified mold inspectors will provide you with the consultation and guidance that you need.

Step 2 – Mold Inspection

Our certified mold inspectors provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection. Based on the initial discussion,’s certified mold inspectors come prepared with an inspection kit containing all the necessary equipment to systematically assess and review the property for signs, source cause, type and severity of mold. The inspection is non-invasive (no damage is done to the property) but effective with the use of thermal imaging and moisture detection equipment. Any immediate findings are shared with you. In cases where the mold issue is deemed to be minor (for example the affected area is less than a square meter) our inspector will provide advice on the steps and preventative measures you can take to remedy the situation.

If the inspection determines that there is a mold issue which requires professional services, will provide you with a written quote, documenting all findings and the scope of work to remove the mold and sanitize the environment. is happy to work with you to tailor the services to meet your specific requirements.