Selecting a Mold Removal Company

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As a consumer you have many options when it comes to selecting a service provider for your home.  There are so many companies to choose from where the procedures and costs vary widely from one company to another.  Unfortunately, many consumers feel as though they need to become an expert in order to determine which contractor is best for them.  With information so readily available it is difficult to decipher what the real truth is, and it can quickly become a daunting task.

There are usually 3 common criteria used to make decisions of this type – QUALITY, PRICE and TIME.  Obviously everyone wants the best quality, in the shortest amount of time, at the cheapest price, but this usually isn’t the case.  In most instances, consumers feel forced to compromise on one of these 3 criteria due to their own personal circumstances. Or worse yet, people don’t realize that they are making a compromise at all.

The difficult part is how do you know where you are making that compromise?  When it comes to mold remediation, are you sure you want to compromise on quality?  How about cost and time?  Do you really want shortcuts taken which may save you on cost but not actually deal with the problem?

When it comes to mold remediation, there a couple of things people should know:

  • There are 2 primary ways mold companies choose to “remediate”
    • Actual removal of mold contaminated material, AND/OR
    • Encapsulation of mold contaminated material (which is just a fancy way of saying “covering  up” contaminated material)

ASK THE MOLD COMPANY: Are they removing the problem or just providing a band-aid solution?

  • The root cause problem of mold will always be as a result of one or a combination of the following reasons: high levels of humidity, water intrusion (moisture), poor ventilation

ASK THE MOLD COMPANY: What do they think the root cause problem could be and why? Can they provide you with any supporting information and does it make sense to you?

  • With any mold remediation project, you must have an action plan to resolve the root cause problem or else the mold will come back – NOTE: often times this requires additional expertise, for instance a licensed plumber, BE WARY OF MOLD COMPANIES WHO OFFER TO PERFORM THESE SERVICES – ALWAYS USE LICENSED AND/OR CERTIFIED SPECIALISTS
  • Mold contamination in excess of 100 square feet requires removal under a controlled environment (ie. containment enclosures, under negative pressure, and using HEPA air scrubbers etc.) in order to prevent cross contamination to other areas of your home, and to ensure the safe and proper removal of the mold

ASK  THE MOLD COMPANY: What is the procedure/protocol they will be following to remove the mold?  Find out what the level of contamination is, and why they have classified it as such?

There are of course additional steps and information regarding mold removal but the 4 items above are the major contributing factors to the quality, effort (time) and price of the project.  Before you make your decision it is always a good idea to understand if and where you are making compromises.

In the end, the decision is yours and will depend on your personal situation.  The best thing you can do is work with reputable companies who share reliable information with you to help you make an informed decision.

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