Suspect Mold?

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Where to Look for Mold

Oh where, oh where could that mold be?  Mold will grow on any organic materials such as paper, dirt, wood or soap scum, and requires moisture in order to grow.  Mold can grow anywhere, such as in walls (drywall), carpet under padding, in closets, behind furniture etc…  As long as there is a food source and moisture, it will grow.  The problem is you can’t always see it, but there are signs …

-          Is there a funny smell? Musty, earthy, you know, the typical “that basement or cottage smell”

-          Are there wet spots or staining on your carpet or walls?

-          Water staining or peeling paint?

-          Dark spots or other discolouration on the walls, baseboards or ceiling?

If you suspect you have mold, and see something that is suspicious, don’t tamper with it, give us a call or send us a picture, we’ll be happy to help you.  Phone: 416 504 0333, email

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