Is mold harmful to my health?

October 11, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

Every once in a while a news article appears talking about the health hazards of toxic black mold.  And some people, when they see black mold it is assumed that it is Stachybotrys – “the bad mold” and the stigma associated with it – “toxic black mold is a health hazard” – while there are

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Mold Removal Toronto

August 16, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

If you’re looking for a mold removal company in Toronto, it doesn’t take long to figure out you have a lot of choices.  The problem is, how do you know who’s reputable and who isn’t? The choices appear to be endless and most people just pick the first company that catches their eye. If you’re

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Top 5 Most Common Mold Questions

August 2, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

With the rainy weather this summer and the numerous flooded basements most mold, water proofing and restoration companies have been “flooded” with calls.  And after numerous conversations with people it turns out there are quite a few common questions/concerns that people have. The top 5 questions for July 2013 are; Q. My basement flooded but

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What to do if you have water damage?

July 11, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

Area residents of Calgary and Toronto have recently experienced some extreme weather conditions which have resulted in flooding and unexpected water damage to their homes and other buildings in their communities.  Unfortunately, the follow up problem to water damage is mold.  Once porous materials become wet, it takes only 24 – 48 hours for mold

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Do I need a mold remediation specialist?

April 12, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

It’s not unheard of to have a plumber or contractor discover mold while working in a home.  And on occasion the problem is small (less than 1 square meter).  Knowledgeable trades’ people who have a good understanding of industry practices can effectively deal with a small mold problem without causing you larger problems in the

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Are pets affected by mold?

March 15, 2013 By In Moisture Control Comments Off

The effect of mold on the occupants of a home varies based on the type and amount of mold, each person’s individual immune system and their tolerance to mold species’.  But what about our pets’, is mold potentially harmful to cats, dogs and other household pets?  The answer is yes. Animals, much like humans, can

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